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IMAP4 Component

The IMAP4 Component COM Object fully supports the latest revisions of the IMAP4 protocol for retrieving Internet email. With just a few lines of code you will be able to inspect and download Internet email messages from a IMAP4 server. Click here for sample code and see for yourself.

Full Control of IMAP Server
Fully conforms to all the latest RFCs for IMAP allowing full control of any IMAP server.

Access Every Message Part
Integrates with included Message object to parse downloaded messages and expose every message part including, all header fields, text, HTML, XML and other body parts, every recipient, every attachment, every MIME part, and more. Checkout the Message object for more information.

Search and Sort Messages
Sort messages on key fields, and search for messages by subject, date, or any other header field.

Preview Message Structure and Attachments
Preview message structure and attachments without downloading the message.

Scales Easily
Scales easily to multi-user systems.

Manipulate IMAP folders
Create, delete, share, subscribe/unsubscribe folders on the server.

Manipulate Message Flags
Read and set IMAP message flags.

Receive IMAP Notifications
Receive real time IMAP notifications of changes to a mailbox.

Interfaces with SMTP
Interfaces with the EasyMail SMTP object for replies, forwards, etc.

Plain, CRAM-MD5, Auth Login and NTLM authentication

Upload Messages
Upload messages to IMAP server (append)

Download Message Envelopes
Message envelopes give you access to important message information and headers.

SSL Connections
SSL connections (with optional SSL plug-in)

User Definable Ports
Change the port used for IMAP communications if required by your server.

Event Notifications of Operations
Events enable you to monitor the progress of the commands you issue to the server.

Easy to Understand and Use Object Model
Intuitive object hierarchy and use of collection objects makes working with IMAP much easier.

IMAP Conversation Logging
Optionally outputs entire IMAP conversation to log file for archival or debugging purposes.

Integration with Windows Event Log
Can output errors to Windows event log.

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