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MailDialogs Module

The Mail Dialog Module allows your application to display rich, contemporary e-mail dialog boxes within your application with only one line of code.

Two dialogs are currently supported: composition & editing/viewing.

The dialog functionality is totally encapsulated inside a separate dialog module dll. By separating the dialog functionality into another dll, the core objects remain small and fast.

Composition/Editing Dialog Sample

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Set SMTP = CreateObject("EasyMail.SMTP.6")
SMTP.MailServer = "mail.quiksoft.com"
SMTP.FromAddr = "bvolpe@quiksoft.com"
SMTP.AddRecipient "dave", "dave@somedomain.com", 1
SMTP.Subject = "How are you?"
ret = SMTP.DoSendDlg(0, "New message", 32)
if ret = 10 then SMTP.Send

The resulting dialog is displayed and setup with any existing properties of the SMTP object.  The user can then edit the message and press the send button, or simply close the dialog box to cancel.

(Click the image for a larger view)

Viewing Dialog Sample

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Set Message = CreateObject("EasyMail.Message.6")
Message.LicenseKey = "Your Company/12345ABCDEF"
Message.LoadMessage "c:\email\message.eml", 0, 0, 0
Message.DoViewDlg 0, "View Message", 15

The resulting dialog is displayed and setup with any properties of the message. The user can choose to forward, reply, reply all, save attachments or close the dialog with no further action.

(Click the image to see a larger view.)




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