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IMPORTANT NOTICE: We regret to inform you that Quiksoft will be shutting down on August 1, 2016. After July 31st, 2016 we will no longer sell or offer any support for our products. Click here for more information.

SMTPExpress Professional Version

SMTP Express Professional contains all the features in the standard version, plus:

Up to 256 Outbound Connections

Sends up to 256 messages simultaneously, increasing the throughput of the standard version by as much as 400%..

Multiple Connections Per Domain

SMTP Express Pro can establish more than one connection per domain, which increases throughput to popular e-mail domains like yahoo.com, hotmail.com, aol.com, etc...

Limit the Number of Messages Per Connection

Limiting the number of messages per connection provides further control over how many connections are established per domain, plus provides the added benefit of bypassing SMTP server spam filters that are governed by the number of messages per connection.

Create Specific Rules for Specific Domains

For any specific domain you can set the below attributes:

   Define a unique SMTP server & port number to accept the delivery from SMTP Express Pro.
Specify the maximum number of messages to send on a connection.
Set a timeout value.

Monitor Delivery from your Apps

SMTP Express Pro can interface with your custom DLL to provide status information.

Other Features Include:

   Increased performance and domain resolution
Control the domain name sent with the SMTP HELO command
Specify the timeout value of the SMTP connection
Specify the sender address of failed messages.  Defaults to postmaster@<yourdomain.com>
Change the "pickup" directory
Specify the maximum header size accepted by SMTPExpress
Enable detailed protocol logging

SMTP Express Pro is supported on WinNT/2000/XP/2003.

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