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EasyMail .Net Edition Comparison

Product Legend
EM EasyMail .Net Edition SMTP Component

Feature EM FS
Unlimited recipients
Universal character set support
Necessary to support messages created in any language
Unlimited file attachments
Automatic MIME encoding
Quick message (one line of code)
Custom headers
Fully managed code
Progress monitoring
Distributable *
HTML messages with alternative body text
File logging
Message queuing
Necessary for high volume throughput and  fail-safe delivery
** **
Custom headers for body parts and attachments  
Embedded images in HTML  
Automatically creates alternative body text
Necessary to support mail readers that do not understand HTML
XML and RTF message bodies  
SMTP authentication
Necessary for mail servers that require a logon
Ability to send multiple message per connection
Necessary for high volume throughput
Delivery status notification control  
ESMTP pipelining
Necessary for high volume throughput
Importing of message data  
Automatic importing of embedded HTML images  
Create and save a message file  
Backup SMTP servers
Necessary for fail-safe delivery
Configurable ports  
Configurable timeouts  
Ability to relay a message  
SSL connections (with optional SSL Plug-in)  
S/MIME Messages (with optional S/MIME Plug-in)  
Asynchronous Communications  
Initialize Property Defaults from Web.config and machine.config  
Add attachments from URI/URL  
Compact Framework Support  
Automatic bulk mail merge with DataSet, DataTable or IDataReader  
Email address validation  
Use .Net web controls in HTML messages  
Import message from a URI/URL  
Message queuing with third party SMTP servers such as Microsoft SMTP Server, iMail and Merak.  
Disposition notifications  
Send custom SMTP commands  
Message class serialization  
Ability to Cancel a Message in Progress  


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