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Email Component, SMTP Component, POP3 Component, IMAP Component, bulk mail

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: We regret to inform you that Quiksoft will be shutting down on August 1, 2016. After July 31st, 2016 we will no longer sell or offer any support for our products. Click here for more information.

What Do Developers Say?

"The component is 100% reliable."

We use the component for a number of applications within the ComponentSource Web site.  The component is 100% reliable and with the release of EasyMail Objects V5.0 we will be adding HTML mail to further improve the service to our customers.
Jim Parsons, Technical Director at ComponentSource

We asked developers who evaluated our objects if they intend to purchase our product. The overwhelming majority chose us over all other component brands they reviewed.

"The BEST"

I think you have the BEST support I have ever received from any tech company!!!!  I really like your online issue tracker. And quick response times, and knowledgeable people, and great products!!  And I have been doing web development since 1995.

Thanks a million!
Scott Steingraber
Ace Computer Services

"Compared to your components, the others are junk!"

Just wanted to thank you for recommending the Quiksoft mail components to me about a month ago. I was using the components from ____Inc., and now I am now in the process of rewriting my program to use the Quiksoft components. Compared to your components, the ____Inc. components are junk. Plus yours are royalty free!

"It worked ;-) Thanks. Bravo for the impressive support! Really great."

"I Love it!  Please give us more good software."

"It worked quickly and effectively."

Thank you for your time. I do like your products. They are small in memory size and work well. And I do like purchasing the software via the Internet. It worked quickly and effectively.

"I'm obviously impressed..."

I'm obviously impressed with the control itself. I've been even more impressed with your quick and helpful replies to my questions. Thanks!

"Well Done."

Firstly, may I commend the object model of the POP3 and SMTP objects - they are real easy to use and understand. Well done.
Send Us Your Comments.

"...we're real impressed."

I am smash testing EasyMail for a product we are developing - the product will be doing heavy mail handling for extended periods of time so I'm putting the toolkit through a set of predefined load tests - stuff like load balancing, memory leaks, etc. So far we're real impressed (4000 emails in 5 hours, with no perceptible memory problems). We also like the fact that you guys are focused on mail products - that's good to know.

"I found a great example...."

We needed Internet controls to allow our vertical market application to send a file attachment. I found (a competitor's) Toolpak. Researching it, I wasn't very pleased with customer comments about their product or support. So I did a web search and found EasyMail.  So I looked at your online help. That was TERRIFIC to be able to look at quickly. I found a great example of pretty much what I needed to do.  I was also impressed that your tech support people seemed to respond to customer questions and problems in a timely and professional manner.

"Wow - Great Service!!!"

Wow - Great Service!!! I would offer to recommend your product on your web page, But I've already done that!

"EasyMail lives up to its name"

At the very least, EasyMail lives up to its name - Easy. I had my application sending email with a file attachment within 20 minutes of finding the download page on your web site.

"Saves a lot of a developer's time."

"Thank you so much!!! Your product and SUPPORT IS #1 with us!"

"Nice job on making clean and easy samples."

"...simply fantastic..."

... I just wanted to personally thank you and Quiksoft for the support you have showed us over the past few months.  Your responsiveness has been simply fantastic, and it has been a pleasure dealing with you guys.

"Your product is the most reliable and useful..."

As a part of our application we needed to retrieve mail from our server. We faced so many problems while using third party tools for this. Finally, we found your product is the most reliable and useful to us.

"EasyMail (unlike other mail components) has decent support."

Thank you so much for your help. It's nice to know that EasyMail (unlike other mail components) has decent support. We are VERY pleased with your product and now also with your service.

"... the most stable software we have installed."

With a client base of over 3,000,000 users, reliability is one of our top concerns. Once we implemented EasyMail, reliability was suddenly an issue we didn't need to worry about anymore. Your IMAP, POP, and SMTP components have proven to be quite possibly the most stable software we have installed.
Send Us Your Comments.

"I'll register EasyMail today :)"

All worked perfectly. With a html control added, I can view HTML messages... even e-mail containing scrolling themes. It is very perfect... I'll register EasyMail today :)

"EasyMail is easy indeed and works great."

"EasyMail is simpler and faster to set up. Thank You."

We just started using the 5.0 version and have used the earlier version for some time. It works well and we prefer it over the ___ objects. EasyMail is simpler and faster to set up. Thank You.

"We found your EasyMail Objects, a fantastic set of tools."

"Tech support at Quiksoft is extraordinary."

"Your product is the most reliable and useful."

As a part of our application, we neede to retrieve mail from our server. We faced so many problems while using other third party tools for this. Finally, we found your product is the most reliable and useful to us.

"EasyMail is up to its name."

"I'm having the developer move... to the Quiksoft mail object.

We first started off using [a competitor's] object. We had been using it on a webserver to send email and MIME decode email for reading. We ran into a few problems where the object would stop responding. Most often this would happen when trying to decode particularly large files. As you might imagine, this wasn't the best solution since we needed to maintain 24/7 uptime. So we purchased Easymail Objects and gave it a try.
We've been running that for the past month now, and have not had a single problem with the server hanging because of the email object. I'm having the developer move any remaining code that references [the competitor's] mail object over to the Quiksoft mail object.
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